Navigate’s Sweet 16 Projections – How Did We Do?

Welp, we picked quite the year to start projecting the Sweet 16, didn’t we? For those unaware, this year’s NCAA men’s basketball tournament features the lowest average seed among those teams making the Sweet 16 since the tournament expanded to 64 teams 36 years ago. The average seed of the remaining teams is 5.88 compared […]

Navigate’s Sweet 16 Projections – Featured in AthleticDirectorU

As our industry embarks on one of its most popular events of the year, Navigate wants to wish everyone a happy and healthy March Madness. We teamed up with ADU to publish the below Sweet 16 projections.   Disclaimers Model only considers games played through 3/1, so we are not predicting outcomes of late-season games […]

Navigate’s Final CFP Predictions

Our CFP prediction model is built to predict the top 4 because as of now, that’s all that matters. It was 24-for-24 entering this year, and after we made some assumptions to adjust it for 2020, we ended up getting the top 4 right again. The reason we’re able to maintain this accuracy is that […]


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