Gaming has always been a huge business – but its rise in the mainstream is a much newer phenomenon. As the world takes note of this significant, growing player in the entertainment space, it also struggles with what to make of it.
Esports seems the most logical bridge between traditional sports properties and the gaming industry, but for non-endemic decision makers, the road ahead remains a mystery. For many, the lines between esports and gaming are still blurred.
Navigate has produced an Esports & Gaming eBook to serve 3 main audiences:
  1. BRANDS looking to define their gaming strategy
  2. SPORTS and ENTERTAINMENT EXECUTIVES still uncertain about this new frontier
  3. GAMING ENDEMICS looking to bridge the gap with existing players in sports
This eBook explores:
  • Esports and gaming defined — how does the former fit into the latter?
  • Esports and gaming market trends (get ready for some preconceptions to be broken)
  • How to understand key players in gaming ecosystem, as told on traditional sports terms
  • Strategic recommendations for brands, traditional sports and entertainment properties, and endemic entities


Esports revenue amounts to .5% of the gaming industry
Esports is a smaller subsection of the gaming industry than many people think
Ron’s Expertise:
  • Convenes and organizes Navigate’s research and consultative capabilities to deliver customized, interdisciplinary research solutions against its clients’ most pressing business problems
  • Led sponsorship and audience development strategy for EA’s esports business unit, focused on the esports programs of FIFA, Madden, Apex Legends, and The Sims (no, that is not a typo – we made competitive Sims a thing!)
  • Planned and helped execute the PGA TOUR’s international expansion
  • Former esports competitor in Day of Defeat (a game that is no longer around). My team (Pandemic) ranked as high as 3rd worldwide at our peak – Reach out to squad up!

Also, be sure to check out our webinar companion to the eBook, which can be found here – password: Gaming2023!

Download the eBook below, and make sure not to miss our recommendations for future action, found in the last few pages.

Download our Esports & Gaming eBook


Still have questions? Feel free to email for more information. Navigate will also be hosting a related webinar at the end of October featuring a panel of industry gaming experts to unpack this content – more details to come.