For those of us that work in the sponsorship world, it had to be pretty hard to miss the two large AT&T signs behind home plate during Derek Jeter’s walk-off hit last night at Yankee Stadium. In one of the most fitting moments of closure in recent sports history, Jeter singled in his last at bat at Yankees Stadium to lift New York over Baltimore.

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The video clip has been replayed countless times by Sportscenter, local news stations, and more. What else has been broadcast over and over again? Those AT&T signs. That kind of media exposure can be worth quite a lot, but just how much was this worth?

According to calculations by our Director of Analytics, Dan Kozlak, AT&T has received  around $325,000 in media exposure value due to Jeter’s hit. And, that’s just at the time this blog was published. That number will also continue to grow as this clip will be played over and over (not just in the immediate future but into the long term as well). 

Though AT&T’s logos were only on screen live during that at bat for 28 seconds, this example shows the value of having signage in stadium that can also be viewed on television.

Still, that number is relatively small when one looks at Derek Jeter’s overall value to the New York Yankees franchise since entering the league in 1995. Check out the blurb below from a Yahoo! Finance article about the topic:

“According to sports research firm Navigate, a conservative estimate for Jeter’s value is $500 million. Navigate started with the $5.6 billion the Yankees have made in profit since 1995, and gave Jeter credit for at least 9% of that total based on his share of all Yankee players’ salaries over that time period. Jeter’s share amounts to about $500 million.

But, Navigate admits that’s not the whole picture. Jeter could have as much as twice the impact on the brand as the average player, placing his value as high as $1 billion. But even that is subjective, and doesn’t take into account Jeter’s contribution to the $4 billion value of the team’s YES TV network, which was started in 2002.”