At Navigate, we prioritize employee happiness and wellness. Maintaining personal happiness can be difficult at times, especially given the current state of our nation and the sports industry. Our team would like to share 5 key themes for finding or maintaining happiness that have been accumulated internally through a mixture of books, articles, podcasts and TedTalks.

1) Purpose – Meaning or a reason for living
2) Presence – Living in the moment, practicing daily meditation, etc.
3) Gratitude – A quality of being thankful or appreciative
4) Community – A sense of belonging and cultivating healthy relationships
5) Self-Care – Physical and mental health and wellness

Additionally, linked below are a few favorite book recommendations from Navigators for you to check out this weekend in your free time. Now is a great time to focus on your happiness and to be kind to others!

The Untethered Soul:
Daring Greatly:

We’d love to hear your thoughts or additional recommendations!