Breaking through the proverbial clutter is something that is always difficult for sponsors to achieve. That is why activation tactics are so important for sponsors to get true value out of a particular deal. In fact, through our research at Navigate, we have uncovered that the most successful sponsorships see 50 cents of activation spending per one dollar spent acquiring the rights.

At Navigate, we’re always looking for the newest and most innovative sponsorship activation tactics. In fact, we’ve cataloged over 400 of them on our Pinterest page (check it out here).

So, we took notice when Levi’s had a really unique activation tactic for patrons attending some of the first games at the new Levi’s Stadium. From the original AdAge article:

“During the games, fans seen wearing Levi’s by stadium staff may periodically have their drink tabs picked up, or they may get invited into the 501 Club, a 23,000-square-foot space above the stadium’s craft beer garden.

Also, at some point this season, Levi’s reps will show up at Finnerty’s, a well-known San Francisco-centric sports bar in New York City, and invite Levi’s-wearing attendees to fly back to San Francisco to watch the following week’s home game at the stadium.”

It’s truly a genius activation idea, and it will help position Levi’s as a brand where good things happen to you when you wear them, according to Levi’s President John Curleigh.