Navigating Sports Gambling is a series of infographics our team created from a primary research study we conducted in the Fall of 2020 to better understand overall consumer attitudes toward sports betting and on-site sportsbooks.  Over the coming weeks, we’ll be publishing these insights once a week. You can see the full series here.
Key insights from this week:

The Impact of On-Site Sportsbooks on Brands and Teams

  • 31% of sports fan would think more highly of an organization that co-branded the sportsbook location.
  • 45% of millennials said they would think more highly of organizations that provided small vouchers for fans to use at a sportsbook location.
  • Having an on-site sportsbook could help teams engage less avid fans – 1 in 4 casual fans believe an on-site sportsbook would improve the fan experience.

Please reach out with any questions or if you would like to know more about the findings — INFO@NVGT.COM.