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Podcast Alert: Sonny Vaccaro

With decades of experience working for Nike, Adidas, and later Reebok, Sonny Vaccaro is one of the most significant figures in the history of sports marketing. His work played a large role in shaping the current marketing landscape in college athletics. Beyond that, his personal war with the NCAA, and his recruiting of Ed O’Bannon […]

Fans Research

A Comprehensive Picture of Annual Stadium Visitation and COVID-19 Recovery Trends

The Coronavirus epidemic has changed the sports landscape significantly. On March 11th, the first domino fell when the NBA suspended the 2019-20 season with meaningful basketball not returning for another 141 days. The majority of sports events in 2020 were played in front of diminished capacities or no fans at all. It’s fairly easy to […]

College NCAA Podcast

Podcast Alert: Larry Scott- Pac-12

Episode recorded in June 2021, prior to the ending of Larry Scott’s Commissioner term. Larry Scott – Former Commissioner of the Pac-12 – joins the show to talk about his experience leading a Power 5 conference, including his biggest successes and greatest challenges from the past 12 years on the job. He and AJ discuss […]

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New Partnership Announcement – Dairy MAX

We are excited to be working with the Dairy MAX team, again! Dairy MAX is a trusted, science-based resource for consumers and stakeholders that drives measurable results and sales for dairy farmers. Together we will be developing and expanding upon an existing esports investment strategy geared towards connecting with Gen Z.


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