In recognition of March being Women’s History Month, we are highlighting some accomplished women who have joined us on the podcast to revisit the conversation surrounding equity in our industry.

Nina King – Vice President/Director of Athletics at Duke University – details the commitment to equity that is necessary for growing a successful athletic department, and the signs of progress she’s seen at Duke and in previous roles.

Amy Latimer – President of TD Garden – on the need to recognize more talented women in the hiring process. She explains why positive change will require the men that are currently in leadership positions to acknowledge the issues of inequality, and to understand the importance of diversity.

Patti Phillips – Chief Executive Officer of Women Leaders in College Sports – explains the problems caused by unconscious bias in college athletics that largely stems from the dominance of football in the eyes of boosters and decision-makers. She also cites the common problem of schools wanting to hire from the very narrow candidate pool of former P5 ADs, rather than looking for qualified leaders in who have held other roles.