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With the multiple ways fans are now interacting with their favorite sports teams, it is no surprise sponsors are turning to digital activations. According to a study by GMR Marketing, 83% of fans are on social media sites. Due to this high activity, both brand sponsors and sports properties are beginning to utilize the digital space through digital lounges, stadium apps, and integrating RFID.  

A recent story by Rachel Kirkpatrick at Event Marketer shares these trends and highlights examples (summarized below).This past NFL season, Bud Light sponsored a social media lounge at the Washington Redskins’ FedEx Field where fans could virtually practice their field goal kicking skills. Additionally, real-time tweets using Redskins and Bud Light hashtags were posted on a screen, allowing fans to see their interactions. Yahoo! has also created a lounge at Levi’s Stadium where fans can follow fantasy leader boards. Due to the increasing popularity in fantasy sports, brands are beginning to incorporate fantasy stats in a variety of different activations.

Stadiums have also began to incorporate the use of digital in their fans’ experiences. At Levi Stadium, fans can get food and drinks delivered to their seats, as well as see how long the bathroom lines are before getting up with the Levi Stadium App. This technology enhances the overall experience for fans at sporting events. 

In addition to the numerous phone apps created, brands have also begun to experiment with RFID technology. RFID wristbands were used at the Ryder’s Cup Europe where results are immediately recorded and users could easily navigate through numerous social media touch points and several activations. For example, wearers could request to test drive a BMW car by simply tapping their wristband. The band could also be used as a form of payment allowing for easy transactions for attendees. 

The digital space in sponsorship activations will only continue to expand. In order for brands, teams, and properties to continue to effectively engage with consumers, particularly sports fans, they will likely have to begin utilizing a variety of digital platforms. 

(Story Credit: Event Marketer – http://www.eventmarketer.com/article/digital-activations-sports-sponsorships/)