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This week we’ll take a look at two professional hockey teams and their different approaches to reach their target goal.

Detroit Red Wings – Season Ticket Holders

This season the Detroit Red Wings created a short video including testimonials from the their Front Office as well as different fans and ticket holders to demonstrate the benefits of being a Red Wings season ticket holder. Each person featured on the video had a different perspective on what it means to them to be a part of the Red Wings Family.

Creating a short video like this is a great and low-cost way to generate awareness about the season ticket program as well as retain and gain new ticket holders.

Check out the video below.


New York Islanders – Chuck-A-Puck Charity Contest

The New York Islanders’ “Chuck-A-Puck” contest is a marketing effort in order to raise money and awareness for The Children’s Foundation. Fans must pay for the puck prior to the contest, then during a break are allowed to “chuck the puck” onto a target on the center of the ice – whoever comes closest to the target wins 50 percent of the money, while the other half goes to the Children’s Foundation. As you can see in the below video, there are a lot of pucks being thrown onto the ice, which is a testament as to how well the contest is going – around $1000 is donated to the Children’s Place every home game. A marketing initiative such as this is a simple way to raise money for a certain charity while maintaining fan engagement.