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Sponsorship of gay pride parades on the rise

America’s biggest companies are starting to realize that sponsoring gay pride parades could be a great way to connect with the LGBT demographic that otherwise may be difficult to reach through traditional sponsorships. Starbucks, eBay, Macy’s—just to name a few—were on display during the gay pride parade last weekend in Salt Lake City.

Companies are finding that the benefits of sponsoring these type of events greatly outweigh the risks. In addition to reaching the LGBT community, it also helps the companies recruit and retain employees that want to work for a business that supports LGBT rights.

It’s no shock that businesses want to reach the LGBT community, as the group was estimated to have purchasing power of $830 billion last year (up from $610 billion in 2005).*

*According to study by Witeck-Combs Communications study*

Google Glass takes sports fans closer to the action

As technology continues to evolve, sports fans are going to get closer and closer to feeling like they are actually in the game, especially with the advancement and proliferation of Google Glass technology. This season, the Philadelphia Eagles are going to test the internet-connected glasses for in-game use.

Along with SnapChat, Google Glass is one of the hottest buzz words out there for teams looking for unique ways to connect with fan bases. With all this new and exciting content, it seems like a prime opportunity for sponsors to get involved and activate through product placement and branded content.

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