Before COVID-19, our Arizona office would to get together for health and wellness on a weekly basis – sometimes we would do yoga together, other times a HIIT class, but more often than not we would prioritize being outside and on a hike. There are many hikes in the Phoenix area, all of which offer unique elements to each trail, but one of our favorites is Quartz Ridge. This trail’s unique element is the “heart rock tree,” located about 1/4 of the way in under a Mesquite tree. The start date of the heart rock tree is unknown, but the Mesquite is home to hundreds of rocks in the shape of a heart that hikers have found and placed. The idea is to find a heart-shaped rock on your way up or down the trail, to then place under the tree and set an intention, affirmation, prayer or give positive vibes with your rock.

As we approached the heart rock tree today, we noticed a new tradition has started with someone painting on rocks. We very much enjoy this special spot in Phoenix and look forward to contributing more heart rocks in the future!