Our researchers at Navigate recently took a look at the helmet logos in the NHL with the goal of determining exposure and ultimately placing a value on the sponsorship asset.

Logo Visibility

On average, the helmet logos were visible for about 5 minutes during every game across all exposure mediums, including social, broadcast, and earned media.

Before conducting the research, initial predictions were that the logos would be valued similarly to jersey patch sponsorships in the NBA or MLS. However, one key factor ultimately changed the final valuation — visibility.  The visibility of the logos was impacted by size, color, and contrast more than our team originally predicted. With some being difficult to see clearly on a broadcast unless the shot was close up and clear.

The least visible logos were only discernible for around 3 minutes per game, while some of the more visible ones (like the Penguins & Canadiens) received a full 6 minutes of exposure.

Number of Games

The final factor considered was this year’s abridged season that has teams playing only 56 games, compared to the usual 82. Fewer games simply means fewer opportunities for exposure.

Helmet Logo Value

Ultimately, our team determined that the average value of the NHL helmet logos for this season is between $1 million and $3 million per team. Some of the lower performing logos are worth less than $1 million, while others are worth as much as $5 million.

Read more about how the NHL’s new sponsorship assets in this article by Mark Burns in the Sports Business Journal.