• Multimedia Rights Intelligence
  • Sponsorship Valuation
  • Dynamic Rate Card Valuation
  • Sponsorship Impact
  • Trends Analysis
  • White Space Analysis
  • Ad Hoc Secondary Research Support
  • Custom Primary Research (Qualitative and Quantitative)
In a rapidly evolving space where even a 1% difference means tens of millions of dollars in incremental revenue.
Navigate is trusted by established networks , distributors and DTC startups alike due to our niche expertise and best-in-class research methods.

Our ability to dive below the surface with fans and viewers, and to understand and predict behaviors, helps inform everything from content acquisition to partnership sales strategies. The information we provide has the ability to give you control of every negotiation and confidence in every decision, so let us help you move quickly and act boldly to be at the forefront of the media landscape’s evolution.

Sponsorship Valuation

Our proprietary valuation methodology is the gold standard in the industry, trusted by prestigious properties and Fortune 500 brands. We produce a Fair Market Value that is an accurate appraisal of the sponsorship within the context of the marketplace. Think of us as the Kelly Blue Book of sponsorship valuation.

Extending beyond the Fair Market Value, we layer on insights pertaining to the sources of the sponsorship’s value and the degrees to which changes in value-driving metrics could push it up or down.

With Navigate, you understand your value potential for traditional partnerships and product integration, and you are best positioned to optimize revenue.

Sponsorship Impact

By combining our Fair Market Value assessment and ROI results, you can report back to your partners with answers to the two most important sponsorship questions: Are they getting a good deal? And is it working?

Our proprietary sponsorship impact methodology – utilizing data generated by our custom market research team – is the most trusted evaluation of a sponsorship’s effectiveness. We measure whether you can attribute KPI lifts back to the sponsorship, and we give the results context by utilizing the industry’s largest historical database of sponsorship impact results.

For the most savvy properties and brands in the industry, we take this work a step further and measure Return on Investment (ROI) to determine if the sponsorship is truly impacting the bottom line.

Media Rights Intelligence

Most media companies have extensive internal data at their disposal, but it focuses on the past and present. We focus on the future.

Through various designs of custom market research, we help you see around the corner to make the most informed decisions possible when bidding for media rights and determining how those rights will impact carriage negotiations in a linear model or subscriptions in a direct-to-consumer model.

This can only happen when you understand your viewers AND know how they’re consumption is likely to evolve. Our reporting lays out these insights and synthesizes them into answers to your most pertinent questions and recommendations on what to do next. Don’t make another multi-million dollar decision without discovering the impact we can make.


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