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  • Jersey Deals
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  • Ticketing Analysis & Strategy
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  • Brand Fit Analysis
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  • Ad Hoc Secondary Research Support
  • Custom Primary Research (Qualitative and Quantitative)
When it really matters – when there are millions at stake, or a major decision that could alter the trajectory of a sport – leagues work with Navigate.
Over the past 16+ years, we have been trusted by each of the five major leagues in North America: MLB, MLS, NBA, NFL and NHL.

Our work has included franchise relocations, partnership renewals, and strategy work pertaining to fan attraction and retention. In each case, we created and aggregated all of the research and data needed, and turned it into actionable insights and recommendations that were built for ownership and commissioner-level presentations.

We are here for the moments that really matter.

The big deal, be it naming rights or media rights. The big presentation, when you unveil your new marketing strategy or your new ticketing plan. The big move, when it’s time to plan for a new stadium or arena.

We are not a band-aid solution. We will not give you big puffy numbers or execute rudimentary surveys. Plenty of agencies can do those things. When it needs to be well-informed and it needs to be right, teams call on Navigate.

Sponsorship Valuation

Our proprietary valuation methodology is the gold standard in the industry, trusted by teams in every major league and Fortune 500 brands. We produce a Fair Market Value that is an accurate appraisal of the sponsorship within the context of the marketplace. Think of us as the Kelly Blue Book of sponsorship valuation. 

Extending beyond the Fair Market Value, we layer on insights pertaining to the sources of the sponsorship’s value and the degrees to which changes in value-driving metrics could push it up or down. 

With Navigate, you understand your value potential and are best positioned to optimize revenue.

Sponsorship Impact

By combining our Fair Market Value assessment and ROI results, you can report back to your partners with answers to the two most important sponsorship questions: Are they getting a good deal? And is it working? 

Our proprietary sponsorship impact methodology – utilizing data generated by our custom market research team – is the most trusted evaluation of a sponsorship’s effectiveness. We measure whether you can attribute KPI lifts back to the sponsorship, and we give the results context by utilizing the industry’s largest historical database of sponsorship impact results. 

For the most savvy teams and brands in the industry, we take this work a step further and measure Return on Investment (ROI) to determine if the sponsorship is truly impacting the bottom line. 

Naming Rights and Jersey Deals

As a strategic advisor, we become an indispensable teammate at each stage and a crucial resource in the most important moments of a multi-million dollar deal. 

For a team’s most valuable partnerships, we start with valuation, but continue to provide support throughout the process of finalizing a deal. This includes prospecting, preparation for pitches, decision trees, negotiation strategy, and ultimately advising on the contract. 

There’s nothing simple about negotiating an eight or nine figure deal. Let us take care of everything behind the scenes to ensure your success while you focus on taking care of the day-to-day and leading the negotiations.


We touch each aspect of what drives a successful ticketing strategy. This includes price-demand elasticity studies; analyses to inform the right quantity and mix of premium seating and experiences; diving into the motivators and barriers for each level of ticket buyer, including season-tickets and alternative ticket-buying packages; and research to inform targeted marketing strategies aimed at each segment of your fanbase. 

Whatever information is needed to optimize ticket sales and revenue, we can help.

Media Rights

When a team has to make a once-in-a-decade decision within a rapidly changing landscape, and when that decision will have massive ramifications on the team’s revenue and exposure to fans for years to come, it pays to have the best data and support possible. 

We bring together primary research, secondary research, and industry expertise to map out your media rights options and chart your path to success. Our tailor-made predictive insights help you secure a deal that is optimal now, and will hold up years into the future. 


The power of sports is rooted in its ability to bring a wide and diverse group of people together through a common cause – supporting their team. For the stewards of those teams, this comes with a complex challenge: How to keep such a diverse group of people engaged and satisfied when the fragmentation of desires, behaviors, and alternative entertainment options is increasing by the day. Let us help you tackle this challenge. 

Our team helps you understand your market and your fanbase – and the next generation of potential fans – so we can create a roadmap for your marketing, ticketing, guest services, and partnerships groups. 

Engaging your fanbase efficiently and effectively,  both in-venue and out-of-venue, is how you cultivate fans that love the entire organization as much as they love the players.



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