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Podcast Alert: Julie Roe Lach – Horizon League

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Podcast Highlight: Blake Lawrence predicts the future of college sports revenue sharing

TEDx - How Sports Fandom Can Solve A Growing Crisis

At a time when we’re at our most divided, maybe the surprising answer to bringing us all together can be found through sports. In the midst of a loneliness epidemic, AJ Maestas, the Founder of Navigate, explores his own relationship with sports and how it made him a part of something greater than he could have expected when he left Fairbanks, Alaska at age 18.

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Podcast Highlight: Phil Knight
Podcast Alert: Phil Knight – Nike

Podcast Alert: Phil Knight – Nike

Podcast | Brands | Time to watch/Listen: 40 minutes

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Podcast Alert: Whit Babcock – Virginia Tech

Sports Media Outlook for 2024 and Beyond

Check out the following breakdown of the current U.S. media rights landscape, including a detailed look at which properties and platforms are in the strongest positions through 2036.

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Podcast Highlight: Jim Delany – Former Big Ten Commissioner
Podcast Alert: Rick Schlesinger – Milwaukee Brewers
Podcast Highlight: The Phoenix Suns and Mercury Ground-Breaking Free-to-Air TV Deal | Mat and Justin Ishbia
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TEDx - How Sports Fandom Can Solve A Growing Crisis

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Sports Betting

Powerful insights on how sports betting and fan engagement come together in our series of infographics.

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