Business Challenge:

As an active brand in the endorsement space, AB was looking for a way to establish a data-driven baseline value its various talent deals in order to assist upfront negotiations and renewals while establishing a consistent measurement system.


AB selected Navigate as part of an RFP process to build, test, and train stakeholders on the usage of a Talent Fair Market Valuation Model. The end solution includes various inputs, such as Talent, Brand, Attributes, Assets and others along with backend regression modeling to provide outputs such as Ceiling Price, Target Price, Aspirational Price and others. The simplicity of the interface combined with the upfront rigorous testing has resulted in a tool planned to be widely used across the organization.


The AB Talent Model has been rolled out to all internal and external endorsement stakeholders and has been used in several negotiations with talent around the Super Bowl and other marquee events. The brand intends to continue to utilize and improve thetool each year to handle emerging Brands, Assets and trends in the endorsement space while tracking real cost savings resulting from a more consistent strategy.