Business Challenge:

T-Mobile has undergone significant strategic shifts over the past few years with its recent mergerof Sprint and the introduction of 5G technology. Given all these changes, T-Mobile needed to ensure that it’s partnership portfolio and activation strategy still aligned with the overarchingvision for “new T-Mobile”and understand how to make changes if needed.


Navigate executed a project in two phases. First, Navigate delivered a “Sponsorship Playbook” which included an assessment of the effectiveness and efficiency of T-Mobile’s current partnership portfolio, examined general sponsorship best practices through the lens of T-Mobile’s strategic pillars, and looked at how to effectively integrate media and sponsorship. Navigate then conducted a strategic workshop with T-Mobile to understand how its partnership team assessed the strengths and weaknesses of T-Mobile’s current portfolio and activation. Taking the outcomes of that session, Navigate then delivered specific recommendations on adjustments to T-Mobile’s portfolio and activation strategy to better align with “new T-Mobile’s” strategic pillars.


T-Mobile is using the work conducted by Navigate to guide ongoing portfolio and activation decisions for its brand.