Primary Research Guru 

All things primary research, managing AZ research internship program, Navigate Culture Crew team member, Diversity and Inclusion committee head, evolving Gen Z expert, and Navigate happy hour enthusiast.

Location: Phoenix, AZ

Hometown: Newport, NC

College: UNCW; Marquette University

Fun Facts: As a kid I wasn’t athletic and sports were not at the top of my personal interest list. As an adult I play roller derby with the Arizona Derby Dames, Arizona’s only banked tracked roller derby league, and I thrive on competition. When I’m not hitting other skaters, I’m either hiking Camelback Mountain, learning acronyms at CrossFit, rummaging around at antique shops or relaxing with my Cavalier King Charles, Dasher (formally named Sir Dasher of Wigglebutts). I don’t have a TV in my house, and chances are I haven’t seen the latest show your watching but I’ll listen to you geek out over it. Ask me about my casting tape for Big Brother or how I know Warren’s Buffett’s sister.

Hobby: Rollerskating

Have you ever bought anything from a TV infomercial?

I bought a Shake Weight in graduate school. Part of me wants to give more details, but the other part of me is super embarrassed. I now do CrossFit and find the Shake Weight incredibly ridiculous, but I’m going to use it as the catalyst for my fitness journey.