Marketing and Client Services Rock Star

The point of contact to help clients and prospective clients find the right resources at Navigate. Assisting in development and execution of marketing content and strategy, along with running social media platforms. Supporting business development strategy and service, along with developing strong clientele relationships. Organizing and executing client hospitality, networking events and yearly industry conference schedule. Overseeing the Arizona internship and fellowship program.

Location: Nashville, Tennessee

Hometown: Wauseon, Ohio

College: The Ohio State University; Arizona State University

Fun Fact: I was born and raised on a pig farm in northwest Ohio, where I showed pigs and sheep in 4H for 10 years. I won Grand Champion Barrow at the Ohio State Fair at just nine years old.

Hobby: Outdoor enthusiast (hiking, camping, running, paddle boarding, etc.) 

What’s the worst thing you got away with as a teenager?

Toilet papering our “chosen targets’” yards. I grew up in a small town, so my friends and I would always toilet paper people from school on the weekends. My parents house would rarely ever get hit in retaliation because my classmates were “scared” of my dad. Well, one time my dad caught some culprits trying to get our house by scaring them off and jumping in the get away car without them knowing. As they drove off, the driver said, “Did Mr. Creager see you?”. The first response in the car was, “Um, he’s sitting next to me.” In shock, and probably scared half to death, they turned around to drop my dad off and he also made them clean up their mess. So, maybe my classmates were right and my dad was pretty intimidating…