Leading and implementing consultative strategy for secondary and primary research projects

Translating data-heavy research into refined deliverables that answer critical business questions and drive client strategy. Managing Navigate’s research workflow through allocation research projects among team members.

Location: Grand Rapids, MI

Hometown: Singapore / Grand Rapids, MI

College: Calvin University; University of Oregon

Fun Facts: I love travel and have lived for over 14 years in Asia spanning Japan, the Philippines, Singapore, and China. I am a dad to two boys (Simon 5, Archie 3). My cat jumped out of my 20th floor apartment window and survived. I am an avid college football and college basketball fan.

Hobby: Travel

Would you rather be the best player on the worst team or the worst player on the best team?  

The worst player on the best team. Working at Navigate I’m already on the best team and working everyday with the All Stars we have up and down the roster keeps me at the top of my game.