Passionate about creating innovative solutions for clients.

Assisting clients with all phases of projects. Striving to deliver the highest-quality project work through research, data analysis, and insights.

Location: Ann Arbor, MI 

Hometown: Boulder, CO

College: University of Michigan 

Fun Fact: I worked as a veterinary technician for three years, and can draw blood, give shots, take x-rays and monitor surgeries (a now useless set of skills). A goal of mine is to visit every national park and see a game at every MLB Ballpark.

Hobbies:  Traveling, reading, hiking, and camping.

If you were stranded on a deserted island, what 3 personal belongings would you take?

Lots of matches so I could start a fire, my kindle for entertainment, and my camping water filter so that I don’t die of dehydration.