Passionate about solving business problems through sports and entertainment.

Convenes Navigate’s research and consultative capabilities to deliver thoughtful, interdisciplinary solutions against our client’s most pressing problems.

Location: San Francisco, CA

Hometown: Hong Kong / Vancouver, BC

College: University of British Columbia (BA), University of Oregon (MBA)

Fun Fact: Rather than get a part-time job like a normal teenager, 13-year-old Ron chose to double down on my gaming hobby, which miraculously turned into a successful professional esports career in high school at a time where “esport” or professional gaming had yet to be a broadly accepted term, pursuit, or entertainment source. Fortunately, I played on a phenomenal team that ended up being ranked 3rd globally when I retired. Unfortunately, the title we competed in was relatively niche and didn’t last, hence my retirement!

I love to travel. Thanks in part to expat parents and a mobile career, I have visited 28 countries, 30 states, and 6 provinces. Fortunate to have called Hong Kong, Germany, Singapore, Canada, and now the United States home.

Hobby: Golf, travel, cooking

If you could see any musical artist perform who would it be and where? 

Fleetwood Mac, Rumours Tour.