Our Sports Brand Consulting Services Include:

  • Sponsorship Valuation
  • Sponsorship Benchmarking
  • Sponsorship Impact
  • Asset and Purchase Funnel Performance
  • ROI Estimate
  • Property Fit Analysis
  • Category Analysis
  • Sports Marketing/Sponsorship Portfolio Analysis
  • Syndicated Studies
  • Ad Hoc Secondary Research Support
  • Customer Segmentation + Sentiment
  • Custom Primary Research (Qualitative and Quantitative)

Why the Biggest Brands Choose Navigate

The sports industry is a magnet for marketers seeking to reach their target audience. With millions of sports fans tuning in daily, it’s no surprise that a sponsorship in the sports business is a favored brand marketing strategy.

When it comes to multi-million dollar partnerships, you need to know if you’re attaching your name to the right sport, team or athlete — all at the right price. Fortunately, Navigate has your back.

We’re a data-driven consulting firm that helps businesses improve their sports marketing strategy. No matter the campaign goal, whether it be to raise brand awareness or amplify fan engagement, we’re at your side every step of the way.

We’ve helped brands like Anheuser-Busch, Visa and T-Mobile build a winning portfolio with the biggest names in the sports industry, from Major League Baseball to the National Basketball Association. Using proprietary research and analytics, we help you decide which assets meet your campaign objectives and what budget you should allocate for both partnerships and activation.

Our process is data-driven, but not narrow-minded.

At Navigate, we know there’s more to the story than just numbers. That’s why we don’t just create and aggregate research. We take the time to ask questions, learn your business, understand your target audience, and marry all of this intelligence with data. Why? To inform your marketing strategy at every possible opportunity.

Leveraging decades of work with the world’s top sports organizations, we translate analytics into actionable insights that not only demonstrate the value of your portfolio, but also whether or not it’s performing to your expectations.

Sponsorship Valuation

Sponsorship deals are a key piece of your brand marketing strategy. However, convincing your internal stakeholders is a challenge all to itself. They want to know deals are worth their asking price and if they tie back to key business objectives.

Our brand consulting services offer the transparency you need to assess whether or not a potential partnership can help you reach your objectives, whatever they may be.

Using our proprietary valuation methodology — the gold standard in the industry, trusted by Fortune 500 brands and sports teams in every major league — we produce a Fair Market Value that is an accurate appraisal of the sponsorship within the marketplace. Think of us as your go-to source of clarity and confidence.

Through white space analysis, Navigate helps you understand your sponsorship gaps to see where you can optimize your portfolio or strengthen your marketing efforts.

Sponsorship Impact

By combining our Fair Market Value assessment and ROI results, we deliver you answers to two of your most important sponsorship questions:

  • Are we getting a good deal?
  • And is it working?

Our proprietary impact methodology is the most trusted evaluation of sponsorship ROI in the sports industry and beyond. Using data generated by our custom market research team, we measure whether you can attribute KPI lifts back to the deal.

For the savviest sports organizations and brands in the business, we take this work a step further. We measure return on investment to determine if the sponsorship is truly impacting the bottom line. And if it’s not? We’re there in your corner to help your organization choose the best course of action.

Naming Rights and Jersey Deals

There’s no better time to leverage the power of information than when you’re negotiating an eight- or nine-figure sponsorship. We help clients take the guesswork out of naming rights and jersey deals, ensuring they understand every facet of the package from top to bottom.

Having consulted on over 40 major naming rights deals with the world’s top sports teams and leagues, we know there’s nothing simple about the process. When the ball’s in your court, it pays to have someone who’s seen and done it all before.

More than your trusted advisor, think of us as an indispensable teammate. Big deals like these only come around once in a career, which is why it pays to have an experienced veteran on your side guiding your way through the process.

For a brand’s largest partnerships, we start with valuation, but continue to provide support through to the finish. This includes evaluating the property’s proposal, providing guidance on assets and value trade-offs, creating a decision tree, developing the negotiation strategy and advising on the final contract.

Let us do the heavy lifting behind the scenes while you focus on day-to-day operations and leading the negotiations.

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