• Sponsorship Valuation
  • Sponsorship Benchmarking
  • Sponsorship Impact
  • Asset and Purchase Funnel Performance
  • ROI Estimate
  • Property Fit Analysis
  • Category Analysis
  • Marketing/Sponsorship Portfolio Analysis
  • Syndicated Studies
  • Ad Hoc Secondary Research Support
  • Customer Segmentation + Sentiment
  • Custom Primary Research (Qualitative and Quantitative)
Let us help you build a winning partnership portfolio.
We are a data-driven insights firm that helps brands achieve their marketing objectives and get the most out of their investments in sports and entertainment.

Over the past 16+ years, we have helped brands transition from passive to proactive. Instead of reacting to sponsorship pitches as they roll in at a never-ending rate, we create a framework to help guide which properties you should pursue, along with what assets meet your objectives and what budget you should allocate for both partnerships and activation.

Our process is data-driven, but not narrow-minded. 

We take the time to ask questions, learn your business, collaborate on objectives, understand incentives and constraints – both for individual stakeholders and the brand as a whole – and marry all of this intelligence with data to create an actionable plan.

Sponsorship Valuation

Our proprietary valuation methodology is the gold standard in the industry, trusted by teams in every major league and Fortune 500 brands. We produce a Fair Market Value that is an accurate appraisal of the sponsorship within the context of the marketplace. Think of us as the Kelly Blue Book of sponsorship valuation. 

Extending beyond the Fair Market Value, we layer on insights pertaining to the sources of the sponsorship’s value and the degrees to which changes in value-driving metrics could push it up or down. 

Sponsorship Impact

By combining our Fair Market Value assessment and ROI results, you know the answers to the two most important sponsorship questions: Are we getting a good deal? And is it working? 

Our proprietary sponsorship impact methodology – utilizing data generated by our custom market research team – is the most trusted evaluation of a sponsorship’s effectiveness. We measure whether you can attribute KPI lifts back to the sponsorship, and we give the results context by utilizing the industry’s largest historical database of sponsorship impact results. 

For the most savvy teams and brands in the industry, we take this work a step further and measure Return on Investment (ROI) to determine if the sponsorship is truly impacting the bottom line. 

Naming Rights and Jerseys

As a strategic advisor, we become an indispensable teammate at each stage and a crucial resource in the most important moments of a multi-million dollar deal. 

For a brand’s largest partnerships, we start with valuation, but continue to provide support throughout the process of finalizing a deal. This includes evaluating the property’s proposal, providing guidance on assets and value trade-offs, creation of a decision tree, negotiation strategy, and ultimately advising on the contract.

Having consulted on over 40 major naming rights deals there’s nothing simple about negotiating an eight or nine-figure deal. Let us take care of everything behind the scenes to ensure your success while you focus on taking care of the day-to-day and leading the negotiations.



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