Sports and Entertainment Consultants

Navigate is a trusted advisor to leading brands and organizations in sports and entertainment.
Founded on best-in-class research, data and analytics, we guide strategies and decisions for the largest leagues, teams, brands, networks, and universities in the world. This broad clientele gives us a unique 360-degree view and understanding of our industry.

There are agencies that specialize in research or data, while others specialize in consulting, but nobody blends those two in sports and entertainment quite like Navigate. Our ability to pull insights and translate them into concise answers and recommendations for the leadership team is why our top clients keep coming back.

Above the industry standard.
Over the past 18+ years, we have been trusted by the industry’s premier decision-makers to provide them with clarity and confidence across a diverse set of challenges.

Among them, we have applied our proprietary valuation methodology to deals totaling over $5 billion. We have informed league decisions on the creation and relocation of franchises, major sponsorship deals, media deals and beyond. And we have helped our clients capture and grow their fanbase by conducting industry-leading research into the attitudes and behaviors of various fan segments.

Our strategic services are fueled by the industry’s top researchers. We are driven by a belief that winners prepare the most. When you work with us, you will have the data. You will have the insights. You will have the answers. You will have the winning playbook.

You will have CLARITY and CONFIDENCE.


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