Leading the company’s operating business and overseeing client strategy, research, sales, and marketing.

Guiding our team, company vision and financial success.  Managing Navigate’s largest client relationships — working to ensure the successful use of our research in achieving objectives.

Location: Milwaukee/Chicago

Hometown: Milwaukee, WI

College: George Washington; Northwestern University

Fun Facts: I can wiggle my ears upon request. I proposed to my wife at Torres del Paine in Patagonia. I have two young kids and an escalating coffee problem.

Hobby: I have a lot of aspirational hobbies that seem to lose out to work and family…does watching too much European soccer count?

If you could have front row seats to any concert, who would you like to see?

If this is NOT restricted to the present, Jimi Hendrix. It would be incredible to see his talent and hear All Along the Watchtower up close. One of the greatest songs, and I would argue the greatest cover of all time. If this DOES have to be someone who is living, then it has to be Elvis.