We are so excited to welcome Agustín Aversa to the Navigate team as our newest Consultant!

Agustín joins us from Buenos Aires, Argentina where he has lived for the entirety of his life. He began his professional career after earning dual degrees in Business Administration and International Commerce from UADE, the Argentinian University of Business. Having developed proficiencies in SQL, Excel, Power BI, and Tableau, Agustín refined these skills in his previous role as a Data Analyst with Big Four agency, PwC.

With a passion for unlocking insights through data analysis and visualization, Agustín now joins the Navigate team as a consultant where he’ll help craft compelling data-driven narratives to inform our clients’ most important decisions.

Beyond work, Agustín is an avid soccer fan. He spent most of his childhood around the sport, eventually going on to play professionally for Club Social y Deportivo Central Ballester. Now, he continues to channel his love for the game through his support of his hometown team, Club Atlético River Plate.

Despite growing up and currently living in Argentina, Agustín has fully embraced his desire to explore the world. To-date, he’s visited more than 15 countries! If he had to relocate, he’d choose to make his new home in the beautiful country of New Zealand, because of its beaches and people. When at home, he also enjoys video games in his free time, with his favorite being Age Of Empires 2.

To connect with Agustín, email Agustin@NVGT.com.


Agustín supporting his favorite team, Club Atlético River Plate.