Google Launches World Cup Trends Hub

– The folks at Google have launched a new site that tracks trends surrounding the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Google has branded it as “a unique glimpse into what the world wants to know during the tournament. 

– Why is this valuable? It gives marketers a window into the minds of people across the globe. The FIFA World Cup is one of the rare sporting events that captures people across almost all nationalities and demographics. These trends are more than likely very representative of the world as a whole.

– It’s also insight into what consumers want. It could be a great resource for marketers trying to target people that enjoy watching soccer. The trends are even broke down based on games, so it’s easy to know which countries searched for what.

FIFA World Cup Participants Not Allowed to Wear Beats Headphones

– FIFA has banned players from wearing the immensely popular Beats by Dre headphones inside the stadiums in Brazil. Why? FIFA has a sponsorship with Sony, a competitor of Beats. FIFA is trying to protect the value of the sponsorship and impact future deals by showing an official sponsorship is still worth it despite the large amount of ambush marketing taking place around this event.

– If you remember, Beats created a viral, five-minute YouTube video that leveraged an impressive array of athletes including Neymar Jr., Jozy Altidore, and Robin van Persie among others. Despite not being an official World Cup sponsor, Beats by Dre has successfully associated itself with the event, as evidenced by the more than 17 million views the video has on YouTube.

Yahoo! To be Founding Partner of 49ers Stadium

– The tech giant Yahoo! Has signed a deal with the San Francisco 49ers to be the exclusive online sports content, social networking, and photo sharing partner for the team and Levi’s Stadium. The deal is pretty innovative in nature and allows Yahoo! to wire itself into the in-stadium experience and also social/digital media of 49ers fans.