As teams get creative with new inventory and make-goods, Navigate has been tracking the exposure and estimating value for each league’s newest assests. As the NFL season started up, we set out to determine the value of tarp ads.

We found a significant difference between the tarp exposure on the sidelines and the endzone. The endzone got roughly 2x as much exposure than the sideline tarps. The main reasons being the common camera angles such as the skycam, and extended touchdown footage.

One exposure opportunity we are used to seeing is the post-commercial wide-shot views of the stadium before zooming in on the field. With fans sporadically displaced through the stadium, some of these broadcast angles are avoided and brands are feeling the brunt of that loss. While the exposure duration might not be what some partners were expecting, the tarps were still visible from multiple angles on the most watched sport in U.S. TV, thus providing a great deal of impressions to each brand.

Projecting the rest of the season, we estimate the value of the sideline tarps to be between $1M – $1.25M and the endzone tarps from $2.5M – $3M. 

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