Ecstatic to welcome Kellen Foster to the Navigate team as our new Data Strategy Analyst!

A Seattle, Washington native, Kellen joins the Navigate team full-time after making significant contributions during his time as an intern. Audacious and curious, Kellen boldly displays his passion for sports and entertainment with his accomplished track record. Before Navigate, he worked under the senior athletic administration of Ohio University to drive strategic initiatives surrounding ticketing and sponsorship, amongst other business operations.

A Husky at heart, Kellen got his start in sports during his time as an undergraduate at the University of Washington where he managed the varsity volleyball team. He led operations and film management, utilizing match and practice data to inform personnel strategy and match tactics.

When he’s not diving into data, Kellen enjoys spending time outdoors. He’s an avid hiker, and regularly explores the gorgeous scenes of Washington where he now resides. In the winter, you can catch him flying down the slopes. But above all else, he’s a huge college football fan. His dream? To one day see the University of Washington Huskies win the College Football Playoff.

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Kellen hiking Mt. Rainier in Washington