Navigate’s College Football Playoff Prediction Model

ABOUT NAVIGATE’S CFP MODEL Several years ago, we built a College Football Playoff (CFP) prediction model using Elo scores. If Elo sounds familiar, it is most commonly seen in sports via When initially building our model, we used the poll results from the pre-CFP era to give us a more robust sample of how […]

The Importance and Value of Brand Equity

As COVID-19 continues to disrupt the sports world and leagues and teams decide to abbreviate or cancel their seasons altogether, it is more important than ever for properties to stay as engaged as possible with their fans. Continuing to entertain, inform and reward your fans are all vital roles of properties, especially when it comes […]

Collegiate Multimedia Rights & Sponsorship Recommendations during COVID-19

We’ve compiled our latest multimedia rights insights and recommendations to create a better understanding of how such deals are calculated and how they may be impacted because of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. Watch: Article + Podcast ft. AJ Maestas and Washington State University Athletics‘ Pat Chun: Athletic Article: graphic:

Estimates for the next round of Autonomy 5 TV deals

We teamed up with The Athletic to provide estimates for the next round of Autonomy 5 TV deals to get a better sense of the revenue increases that might be forthcoming. Over a three-year span beginning in 2023, the Big Ten, Pac-12, SEC, Big 12 and College Football Playoff all have TV rights deals coming up for […]

Collegiate Multimedia Rights & Sponsorship During COVID-19

We estimate 40% of collegiate sponsorship value comes from football alone. With universities facing the potential of playing games without fans or no season at all, what happens to multimedia rights? For our friends in the collegiate space, AJ Maestas provides a quick overview of what to do with your multimedia rights and sponsorships due […]

Maestas: Expanded playoff would generate millions annually for the schools, increase audience and solve controversies

Expanded playoff would generate millions annually for the schools, increase audience and solve controversiesPush the championship game back into January to avoid conflicts with the NFL *** AJ Maestas, founder and CEO of Navigate Research, a leading data and analytics firm, has agreed to write a regular column for the Hotline on the business and […]

Pac-12 Stock Report: Surprise! Chris Petersen is finishing off his 2018 recruiting class with style

Pac-12 Stock Report ↑ Rising: Washington recruiting.Silly us. We thought the Huskies had everything wrapped up in December. Turns out, Chris “No Drama” Petersen isn’t quite finished.Consider two recent developments:The first came late last week, when Concord De La Salle’s Tuli Letuligasenoa, one of the top defensive tackle prospects in the west and a USC […]

Can college athletics continue to spend like this?

Bubble, in a sports context, typically refers to college basketball teams with middling résumés, or perhaps the sort of gum that comes with trading cards. Economist Andrew Zimbalist suggests college sports may be facing a bubble of a different sort, the kind that goes — pop! Total revenue for the 50 public schools in the Power Five conferences rose by $304 […]

UC Berkeley News: Agreement with Bank of the West to benefit student programs

Just a few months into her freshman year, Jordan Davis got a phone call that sent her into a financial tailspin: Her mother had been laid off and no longer could pay Davis’ college expenses. “It was sink or swim,” Davis, now a UC Berkeley senior, recalls. “I was terrified.” Over the next few years, […]


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