Update: 2021 Collegiate Brand Value Index

Last September, I wrote a blog post about the importance of brand equity in college athletics during a very uncertain time due to COVID-19. That blog post turned out to be one of our most popular posts of the year, so I decided to turn this into an annual tracker to monitor and discuss shifts […]

Podcast Highlight: Former Pac-12 Commissioner Larry Scott on Negotiating Media Deals

Former Pac-12 Commissioner – Larry Scott – on the success of the conference’s media deal, and what he would have done differently regarding the launch of the Pac-12 Network.  The Tier 1 media deal he negotiated increased annual revenue 3x from the prior deal, and also introduced a new structure that shared revenue equally between […]

Podcast Highlight: Roger Valdiserri’s Favorite Stories from his Time at Notre Dame

Roger Valdiserri worked for the Notre Dame Athletics Department for 3 decades. Over the years, he witnessed some of the best games in college football history, and some of the greatest collegiate athletes of all time. He shares how he got Joe Theisman’s entire family to change the pronunciation of their last name to rhyme […]

The Data Behind a Hypothetical Pac-12 Expansion

We were proud to have our work referenced in Jon Wilner’s Mercury News article, “If the Pac-12 were to expand, one school stands as the clear No. 1 pick.” For those who wish to dive in a little deeper, we’ve included in this blog post a more complete picture of key datapoints for the schools […]

Podcast Highlight – Oliver Luck on the Potential for a Rival to the NFL or NCAA

Will the XFL ever make a comeback? In this highlight from our very first episode, Oliver Luck – former XFL Commissioner – explains what a potential competitor to the NFL or college football would need to get right in order to succeed. He also shares some of his favorite innovations that the XFL made in […]

Podcast Alert: Larry Scott- Pac-12

Episode recorded in June 2021, prior to the ending of Larry Scott’s Commissioner term. Larry Scott – Former Commissioner of the Pac-12 – joins the show to talk about his experience leading a Power 5 conference, including his biggest successes and greatest challenges from the past 12 years on the job. He and AJ discuss […]

Podcast Highlight: Val Ackerman on the Impact of NIL on Recruiting

Val Ackerman – Big East Commissioner – on why the name, image and likeness era is one of the most momentous junctures in NCAA history. When student-athletes are selecting a school to attend, they look for the best personal fit in terms of coaching staff, facilities, playing time, academics, proximity to home, and now NIL […]

Podcast Alert: Val Ackerman

Val Ackerman was the founding President of the WNBA. Now she draws on her years of experience as a professional basketball player, executive, and journalist in her role as Commissioner of the Big East. She joined the Big East in 2013 while the conference was reeling from the departure of 7 member schools. She discusses […]


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