Navigate’s Final CFP Predictions

Our CFP prediction model is built to predict the top 4 because as of now, that’s all that matters. It was 24-for-24 entering this year, and after we made some assumptions to adjust it for 2020, we ended up getting the top 4 right again. The reason we’re able to maintain this accuracy is that […]

Navigate’s College Football Playoff Prediction Model

ABOUT NAVIGATE’S CFP MODEL Several years ago, we built a College Football Playoff (CFP) prediction model using Elo scores. If Elo sounds familiar, it is most commonly seen in sports via When initially building our model, we used the poll results from the pre-CFP era to give us a more robust sample of how […]

Estimates for the next round of Autonomy 5 TV deals

We teamed up with The Athletic to provide estimates for the next round of Autonomy 5 TV deals to get a better sense of the revenue increases that might be forthcoming. Over a three-year span beginning in 2023, the Big Ten, Pac-12, SEC, Big 12 and College Football Playoff all have TV rights deals coming up for […]

Maestas: Expanded playoff would generate millions annually for the schools, increase audience and solve controversies

Expanded playoff would generate millions annually for the schools, increase audience and solve controversiesPush the championship game back into January to avoid conflicts with the NFL *** AJ Maestas, founder and CEO of Navigate Research, a leading data and analytics firm, has agreed to write a regular column for the Hotline on the business and […]

How Strong is the NFL’s Love for Tom Brady?

4 Super Bowl Rings, a supermodel wife, a pristine image, and enough money to go to the Kentucky Derby and the #FightoftheCentury in the same day…sounds like the perfect life to me, right? It likely was for Tom Brady until he recently went under scrutiny for his involvement in the New England Patriots’ “DeflateGate” investigation. If you missed the verdict, it […]

Comparing Sponsorship Impact for Major U.S. Sports Leagues

Blog Series:  Comparing Sponsorship Impact for Major U.S. Sports LeaguesFocus:  Purchase Influence Over the next several months, I will be revealing some analytical insights surrounding the effectiveness and impact of sponsorships across the major sports leagues in the US (i.e., NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL and MLS). These insights will focus on metrics such as awareness, […]

Sponsorship Activation Monday – 1.26.15

Each Monday, we will share some great activation practices throughout the sports and entertainment landscape. This blog will serve as a space to highlight innovative ideas and campaigns. Want to have your idea or campaign featured? Send us a note on Twitter at @Navigate_Res.  This week we take a look at a safe-driving promotion around the […]

Why Do Conferences Expand?

Over the past five years, the NCAA athletics landscape has drastically shifted. Conferences have come and gone, schools have joined, left, and re-joined conferences. The Big 12 has ten schools as the Big 10 has 14 schools. It’s quite honestly hard to keep track of these days.  But, why does all this realignment happen? It would be nice to say that […]


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