Aside from being trusted by the sports and entertainment industry’s premier decision-makers to provide them with clarity and confidence, it is part of our organization’s core values to contribute to making the world a better place.

In 2021, our team as a whole, and on an individual basis, supported 55+ unique charities through either our time or donations. Each year, it is our commitment to select one non-profit organization to support and ensure each member of our team is participating in helping serve their greater mission. The organization we chose for 2022 will be shared in a later blog.

Bi-annually, Navigate hosts team retreats to bond in person, and strategize as a unit. At these retreats, we are committed to adding a philanthropic element where everyone is involved and donates their time to the non-profit of our choosing.

As a team, we recently had the pleasure of visiting the ÀNI Art Academy located on a beautiful four-acre site on the Dominican Republic’s north coast, near Río San Juan. The academy is a non-profit organization that provides intensive multi-year art skills education to aspiring artists around the world. The program is designed to promote creative freedom through logic and discipline. While in Río San Juan, we had the opportunity to tour the art facility, meet some of the local artists, and see some of their stunning pieces.



In addition to donating $1,000 to the art academy, we purchased individual artwork from the local artists that were customized for each member of the Navigate team (a few examples below). Some members of our team received drawings that resembled their furry friends, and others received family portraits, or images of their children. All of the artwork that we received were wonderfully created and looked identical to our loved ones back home.



We feel so privileged to have visited the ÀNI Art Academy and to have made a small contribution to the great work they are doing. This is but one step on our path to who we want to be as an organization and as individual people making a difference in the world. We look forward to sharing future philanthropic efforts we are a part of and would encourage others to join us.

To learn more, or if you have ideas on the next mission that we can serve, please email Bailey Creager at BAILEY@NVGT.COM.