Navigate’s College Football Playoff Prediction Model

ABOUT NAVIGATE’S CFP MODEL Several years ago, we built a College Football Playoff (CFP) prediction model using Elo scores. If Elo sounds familiar, it is most commonly seen in sports via When initially building our model, we used the poll results from the pre-CFP era to give us a more robust sample of how […]

Why Companies Should Invest in Sponsorships

Investing marketing dollars in a sport or entertainment property allows your brand to connect with and support your target audience, compete against your key competitors, assist with branding goals and meet your business objectives.

COVID-19’s Impact and the Future of Sports Revenue

The total monetary impact from COVID-19 on sports in the United States has yet to be settled. However, it is estimated that close to $30 billion in revenue and hundreds of thousands of jobs will be lost in 2020 due to the pandemic. Suppliers (e.g. athlete travel and accommodation), buyers (e.g. media and sponsors), and […]

Optimizing the Post-COVID Fan Experience

As we make our way through the volatile COVID-19 pandemic, we continue to find ourselves at a crossroad with what to prioritize and how we move forward. We tend to reference how things once were in the sports and entertainment industry ‘pre-COVID’ while simultaneously strategizing for what is to come. This is especially true when […]


Navigate set out to understand (1) sentiment of sports and entertainment post COVID-19 and (2) the predicted shifts in behavior from the consumer/fan POV.  Overall, COVID-19 has shaken up the sports landscape in America, but the sentiment and forecast for sports fans resuming ‘normalcy’ is promising.  While attendance is predicted to decrease among fans, they […]

When Will Sports Return? Predictions + 2020 COVID-19 Sports Calendar

When Will U.S. Sports Return? At Navigate, it is in our nature to approach any question through an objective and data-driven lens. Over the past several weeks of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve been applying that same approach to the question everyone in our industry has been asking: When will sports return? It must first be […]

The Research Edge: Naming Rights & Music

Introducing “The Research Edge: Naming Rights & Music” – the first in a series of one-page white papers Navigate will be releasing throughout the year to share industry trends and recommendations based on our research. 

Adding Efficiency to the Sponsorship Marketplace

When buying and selling real estate, stock in a company, or automobiles, information is everywhere. Each of those industries involve transparent transactions where both parties can analyze exactly what is being sold in the marketplace and at what price. This allows for easy comparisons and relatively straightforward cost-benefit decisions. Buying and selling sponsorships tends to be a bit more […]

Ad Overkill: Is Too Much…Too Much?

AdWeek recently released “3 Ad Campaigns That Got So Big, They Annoyed the Hell Out of Consumers.” Journalist Marty Swant picked a bone with the advertising industry in asking “how much is too much?” The goal of advertising is to create awareness and draw attention to a certain product, service or event. But what happens when consumers […]


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