Two Truths & A Lie: Gen Z Edition Insights

If you missed your chance to test your Gen Z knowledge in our Two Truths & a Lie quiz we’re giving you another opportunity to gain a sneak peak at our insights. As we all strive to learn more about the generation – their attitudes and their preferences – we will be rolling out insights […]

Navigate’s Sweet 16 Projections – How Did We Do?

Welp, we picked quite the year to start projecting the Sweet 16, didn’t we? For those unaware, this year’s NCAA men’s basketball tournament features the lowest average seed among those teams making the Sweet 16 since the tournament expanded to 64 teams 36 years ago. The average seed of the remaining teams is 5.88 compared […]

Navigate’s Sweet 16 Projections – Featured in AthleticDirectorU

As our industry embarks on one of its most popular events of the year, Navigate wants to wish everyone a happy and healthy March Madness. We teamed up with ADU to publish the below Sweet 16 projections.   Disclaimers Model only considers games played through 3/1, so we are not predicting outcomes of late-season games […]

The Explosion of NBA Top Shot

Have you ever been watching your favorite team in a big game, jumped out of your seat as the star player hits the game winning shot, and thought, “I wish I could own that moment”? Yeah, I’ve never thought that either – but now with NBA Top Shot that thought may be a reality. If […]

Two Truths & A Lie: Gen Z Edition

We’re only in the first quarter of 2021, but already “change” is emerging as a key theme for the year. I don’t know anyone who’s not hopeful for change, especially given what we all experienced in 2020. Yet, one thing remains constant – our seemingly insatiable need for Gen Z knowledge. Every day, I receive […]

Optimizing the Post-COVID Fan Experience

As we make our way through the volatile COVID-19 pandemic, we continue to find ourselves at a crossroad with what to prioritize and how we move forward. We tend to reference how things once were in the sports and entertainment industry ‘pre-COVID’ while simultaneously strategizing for what is to come. This is especially true when […]

The Importance and Value of Brand Equity

As COVID-19 continues to disrupt the sports world and leagues and teams decide to abbreviate or cancel their seasons altogether, it is more important than ever for properties to stay as engaged as possible with their fans. Continuing to entertain, inform and reward your fans are all vital roles of properties, especially when it comes […]


Navigate set out to understand (1) sentiment of sports and entertainment post COVID-19 and (2) the predicted shifts in behavior from the consumer/fan POV.  Overall, COVID-19 has shaken up the sports landscape in America, but the sentiment and forecast for sports fans resuming ‘normalcy’ is promising.  While attendance is predicted to decrease among fans, they […]


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