Cause Marketing: Insights to prove you can and should be doing more

One truth that has become evident in today’s environment is that we all can and should be doing more as an industry. When done right, cause marketing is a great way for brands to carry out their commitment to positively affecting society while deeply and genuinely connecting with all of their most important stakeholders. We […]

Why Companies Should Invest in Sponsorships

Investing marketing dollars in a sport or entertainment property allows your brand to connect with and support your target audience, compete against your key competitors, assist with branding goals and meet your business objectives.

Measuring Sponsorship ROI

AJ Maestas shares key insights and recommendations on how to measure, prove and defend the true impact of sponsorships. Learn what drives true incremental profit and methods for measuring impact beyond media exposure.

NFL Tarp Ads: What are they worth?

As teams get creative with new inventory and make-goods, Navigate has been tracking the exposure and estimating value for each league’s newest assests. As the NFL season started up, we set out to determine the value of tarp ads. We found a significant difference between the tarp exposure on the sidelines and the endzone. The […]

The Importance and Value of Brand Equity

As COVID-19 continues to disrupt the sports world and leagues and teams decide to abbreviate or cancel their seasons altogether, it is more important than ever for properties to stay as engaged as possible with their fans. Continuing to entertain, inform and reward your fans are all vital roles of properties, especially when it comes […]

How Brands Should Navigate COVID-19

As you are finalizing your brand’s budget for 2021 and beyond, our team has outlined sponsorship best practices we believe are crucial for success. The ability to measure and track the impact of your sponsorship is essential to proving you are getting the most out of your investments in sports and entertainment. Our main goal […]

Collegiate Multimedia Rights & Sponsorship Recommendations during COVID-19

We’ve compiled our latest multimedia rights insights and recommendations to create a better understanding of how such deals are calculated and how they may be impacted because of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. Watch: Article + Podcast ft. AJ Maestas and Washington State University Athletics‘ Pat Chun: Athletic Article: graphic:

Collegiate Multimedia Rights & Sponsorship During COVID-19

We estimate 40% of collegiate sponsorship value comes from football alone. With universities facing the potential of playing games without fans or no season at all, what happens to multimedia rights? For our friends in the collegiate space, AJ Maestas provides a quick overview of what to do with your multimedia rights and sponsorships due […]

Sponsorship insights & recommendations during COVID-19

Information sharing and building peer groups is critical during this time of uncertainty. The Navigate team is here to help. We have put together insights and tips on managing sponsorships with the current state of the industry. If you have any questions, please use us as a sounding board and connect with us.


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